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Who we are and what we do:

 M.E.Pre.Construction LLC (“MEP-C”) provides legal and project management services to building owners, developers and designers from project inception to substantial completion, punch-list and occupancy.  Drawing on more than thirty years’ experience in the construction industry as design professional and attorney, MEP-C acts as the point of contact between the owner, the design team, and construction team, providing practical, step-by-step guidance to the project owner on design, construction and legal issues.   

 MEP-C can assist with selecting the project site; choosing architects, engineers, and contractors; selecting the appropriate project delivery model; organizing the bidding/procurement process; drafting and negotiating contract documents to structure key relationships; steering the project through the various stages of public approvals; managing the design and construction process; and solving problems and resolving disputes that arise as a part of the building process.

 MEP-C also offers a full range of legal services and advice to architects, engineers and other designers in the construction industry.

  MEP-C is unique in offering an experienced and accomplished architect/ attorney who is attuned to the financial and intangible goals of owners and designers, in a lean and nimble business package.   

With more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, Michael E. Peters and MEP-C offer a broad perspective and the full range of professional skills necessary to move a project forward.  Joining the owner’s project team at the inception of the project, MEP-C can help identify and obtain the decisions and approvals required to get the project started and keep it moving forward.  Having been both a designer and owner’s representative, MEP-C can serve as a bridge between owners and designers, to foster effective communicate that ensures that the owner gets the best results from its architect, engineers and consultants.  MEP-C can also facilitate the flow of information, decision-making and quality assurance as the project moves from planning and design into the construction phase.