What we offer

A Full Range of Services

MEP-C offers a broad range of legal and management services, acting as owner’s counsel, or as a full-service program manager, in concert with the Owner’s facilities management personnel on an as-needed consulting basis.  Through a network of relationships built over 30 years, MEP-C can also assemble a top-quality team to supplement the capabilities of the Owner, architect and construction manager, in order to meet the unique requirements of any project.

MEP-C can offer all of the following services, depending upon the Owner’s needs:
  • Identify the Owner’s building and facilities needs, resource opportunities and limitations, through project programming, feasibility studies and the Cost/Time/Quality triangle;
  • Explore and identify the Owner’s tangible and intangible goals for the project;
  • Identify and procure necessary pre-design documentation, including existing documentation, site conditions studies, governmental planning and regulatory documents;
  • Select the appropriate project delivery model—traditional design/bid/build for a stipulated sum; construction management at-risk with a guaranteed price; design/build for a guaranteed maximum price; cost-plus-fee; or other approaches;
  • Select the appropriate designer(s), consultants and other partners, including cost and schedule consultants and other construction management specialists;
  • Draft and negotiate fair and sustainable contractual relationships between owners, designers, consultants, financing entities, contractors and other participants, with the primary goals of clear relationships and minimal disputes;
  • Advise on appropriate risk-management strategies (insurance, indemnities, bonding, etc.);
  • Identify and navigate institutional, regulatory, financial, construction and other issues arising before and during the project, including environmental issues, zoning, access/traffic and utilities;
  • Review the design for program compliance, constructability, general budget compliance, value engineering opportunities (with CM and cost consultant);
  • Assist in bidding and negotiating construction contracts;
  • Assist in setting up schedule, budget, quality and safety tracking processes (with CM and consultants);
  • Identify necessary late-construction and post-construction needs and consultants, such as FF&E coordination, commissioning, etc.;
  • Troubleshoot troubled projects and intra-project relationships;
  • Resolve disputes and put projects and relationships back on track without litigation;
  • Advise parties when litigation is unavoidable, including selection of dispute resolution method and forum (with a strong preference for alternative dispute resolution), assist in preparation for dispute resolution, including selection of appropriate counsel and consultants.
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